Renovation of the Shrine Garden at All Saints Convent – Zach’s Project


Zachary Lingo


Sister Christina Speaks at Zach’s Eagle Scout Ceremony – 








Here is  the text of her speech

Zachary, thank  you for giving me the privilege of saying a few words, on such an auspicious occasion.!

To have earned an Eagle Badge is an accomplishment indeed.  To know that many willing hands and hearts helped to make that possible is also an important realization.  I believe you to be very aware of that – and  this is good.  Congratulations for a project well done.

You wanted to create a prayer garden – a beautiful and peaceful spot, where people could be alone with God, and rest in His beautiful creation….for indeed, it was He who gave you the vision.

This is known as the Shrine garden.  Not only does it have plants that will continue to grow and spread as ground cover over the many rocks cascading down from about 8 feet….but there are the bright and cheerful colors as well, amongst the green.  As with time these plants grow and mature….so will the beauty.

The statue of Our Lady and the Child are the central focus, and  tucked in the garden as well, are smaller statues of St. Francis  (how appropriate that it now makes one think of Pope Francis as well) ; and also the Little Flower, St. Therese of Lisieux.  Each of these loved God with their whole heart….each walked a different path – but each gave their whole heart and life to Jesus.

This also means that those visiting the garden will find solace, comfort and joy; encouragement and hope, as they are reminded of just a few of God’s saints – God’s children, and Jesus’ Mother.

Already people have stopped by – caught up in the beauty, the stillness – and whatever it is that is needed by that person.   There is space for them to be still and for a few moments to be able to listen to the heart of God , to gain strength and clarity for what is going on in their lives.

You and your helpers have / had a part in that oasis..We thank you.

You wished to do something for God – for His Church – the people of God.   You succeeded.

God has inspired you to look up and aim high.  The seeds He planted in your heart will indeed bear much fruit…………especially if you  recognize and acknowledge that the gifts and desires He has planted in you – do indeed  come from God.

You desire to be of service to others – to better lives in some way.  God sent His Son, Jesus, to show you the way.  The Boy Scouts – its leaders and members are a part of that way.  There will also be others whom God will place in your path – that you may follow Jesus.

Just remember, this will not make the Devil happy, so he will try various things to keep you from following Jesus.

As you go through your life’s journey – there will be hills and valleys – plateaus; there will be rain (at times, more than you want).  There will be dry – arid seasons………….all these things work together for good to them that love God……

You may remember in scripture, that Jesus said:  ‘BE YE PERFECT” I found that statement mind-boggling!  However, I recently learned that the word “PERFECT”  is an ancient Aramaic agricultural term that means   RIPENING AT THE CORRECT RATE.  Meditate on that….. because that is  DOABLE !    When you plant a bulb or a seed….just think of the many steps in its journey to full maturity….when it ripened at the correct rate.

May you go and do likewise, Zach. Thank you.   Sister Christina of All Saints, Sub-Prioress

A LOOK AT THE SHRINE GARDEN will be coming soon!

Introducing Benedict & Dominic: the Convent Cats

Well, when you make a promise to a cat, you’d better be prepared to follow through — especially when the feline made the request!

Ben & Nick love

The Twosome at Play

Yes, the All Saints Sisters have cats. Not one, but two (though sometimes it feels like a dozen or more).  There will be more reference to them in future blogs, so this is just to introduce them.

Benny (Benedict) arrived first. He is all black, and has a contemplative spirit.  He is quiet, most of the time, and shies away from strangers.  But he has learned a few new tricks from  his companion!





Nickie (his real name is Dominic, but he doesn’t always live up to it, hence the particular nickname!) is black and white, like a Dominican in preaching garb — and he loves to be heard.

Easter Wednesday


Our Lord reigned in cloaked majesty from the Cross.  He accomplished the harrowing of hell while His physical body lay hidden in the tomb.  He sealed our redemption when He arose from the dead.

Death HAS been conquered – LIFE is victorious – Jesus Christ is our LIFE!!!

If we believe this with all our hearts we will be beacons of life in this world which has embraced the culture of death — even if we never make a public statement of this reality.  Our prayers have the power of life, for we pray in the Name and Spirit of Jesus.

Let this Paschaltide be a time of truly celebrating Life.  Let it be a time for thanking God daily for our own lives, and for those of others.  Let it be a time of intensifying our prayers for the protection of human life from the instant of conception until the moment of natural death.

We, at All Saints Convent are very grateful to have been able to celebrate the Paschal Triddum in our own Chapel this year – for the first time in three years.  That is one of the joys of having a Resident Chaplain.  In 2011 we joined with the folks at St Paul, Ellicott City, in 2012 at St Mark, Catonsville, and last year we were at MountCalvary in Baltimore (an parish of the Ordinariate of the Chair of Peter).

Our prayer for each of you who read this Blog is that you may know our Lord Jesus Christ more deeply each day, and that the joy and radiance that will bring to you will draw others to Him.  God bless you — each and all.