Special Events in May and June

May brought the celebrations of Profession Anniversaries for three of our Sisters, and two others in June. The photographs shown are not new ones, but are some of our favorites.

May 12th was Sister Christina’s Profession Anniversary. On May 17th, we celebrated Sister Barbara Ann’s 50th¬†Profession Anniversary, and on May 22nd, Mother Virginia’s 70th.


Sister Christina

Picture 046

Mother Virginia visiting at JRH

Sister Babra Ann

Sister Barbara Ann

On June 4th, we celebrated Profession Anniversaries for Sister Elaine and Sister Catherine Grace, who were professed together.


Sister Elaine


Sister Catherine Grace

Sister Catherine Grace honored by JRH & Dr Bob’s Place

A lot has been happening with the Sisters recently. Here is a brief report on one special event:

On Sunday, 28 April, a festive gathering took place at the Candle Light Inn in Catonsville, Maryland, to honor Sister Catherine Grace, the founder of the Joseph Richey Hospice 25 years ago. She was presented with the Board’s Unsung Hero Award.

Present were members of the Board of Joseph Richey Hospice & Dr Bob’s Place, The Reverend Mother¬†and four Sisters from All Saints Convent (one of whom is also a member of the Borad), and four members of the Hospice Staff.


Sister Catherine Grace toured Dr Bob’s Place as the construction neared completion.