Are you ready for Christmas?

Are you ready for Christmas?

Lots of people ask us this question and I bet you have been asked it as well.  I suppose how the question is answered depends on what is actually being asked.  If you want to know if we have purchased our presents, if the Convent is spic and span, have goodies been prepared in advance, is the tree up and decorated, is the Chapel creche prepared, and so forth; our answer would have to be, we’re getting there.

But if you want to know if our hearts are ready to receive the Child, then our answer would be YES.   Advent is the season of preparation and so we make the effort to prepare our hearts and our minds.  Yes, we are busy with the externals, but it is the interior on which we truly focus.

From participating in daily Mass, to a week of retreat, to viewing the movie Mary of Nazareth, to submerging ourselves in special Advent prayers and meditations, to the partaking of the sacrament of confession; we have tried to prepare our hearts for the Coming of the Child.

Are you ready for Christmas?

A Note:

Preparations for Christmas can include a variety of activities.

IMG_0785 choir +MG +HN

Choir Practice.

                                      IMG_0790 +MJ +MG votive lights

Checking the supply of candles.

IMG_0873 closeup of angel +Hn

Creating angels to sell in our Card Shop.

IMG_0871 +Hn's angels card shop

Working together to decorate the Christmas tree.

IMG_0862 A Trimming Xmas Tree


Providing lots of greens for decorating purposes and for a place for Nicky to explore

                                            IMG_0877 A Nicky Looking down at greens

and for Bennie to wonder just what is going on!

IMG_0879 Bennie looking out under habit


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