No, that’s not how the song went….It was “Monday,Monday” wasn’t it?  Be careful, dating ourselves here!

Today is a glorious Sunday on the East Coast after a spell of rainy days.  Is this a busy day for you?  Maybe it includes going to Church.  We hope.  Then to the garden center.  Maybe other things.  If you are lucky you might get a chance to work in your garden.  Maybe.  While we are not the sort who forbid any “work” or “entertainment” on this day, yet it is in our world generally lost as a day of REST.  At least here at the Priory we don’t run errands and we try to have a change of pace.  Try.

George Herbert has a beautiful poem called SUNDAY which begins:

“O day most calm, most bright, / The fruit of this, the next world’s bud, / th’endoresment of supreme delight, / Writ by a friend, and with his blood; / The couch of time; care’s balm and bay: / The week were dark, but for thy light: / Thy torch doth show the way.”

This is from another age, for sure.  Yet the soul of the human creature needs such a day – according to the ancient Hebrew law – the need is one day a week!  We need to think about this for the sake of mental and spiritual health.

“The Sundays of man’s life, / Threaded together on time’s string, / Make bracelets to adorn the wife / Of the eternal glorious King. ….This day my Savior rose, And did enclose this light for his…..Christ hath took in this piece of ground, And made a garden there….”

Of the Tomb and the Resurrection we read:  “There was a garden in that place……”  So, do gardening if you can, – and remember our Lord and that garden!

scenery shrine


I just had a thought……Love is the universal solvent.  Well, no, science says that water is the universal solvent….

Love however is somewhat like water.  It wants to “get there” no matter what it has to go through.  Divine Love will pass through stone – of tombs or hearts.  It will do a lot of damage on the way, if necessary, just like water driven by gravity.  Divine love is not in any hurry.  Water was in no hurry to create the Grand Canyon.

Nothing stops water.  Men can be ingenious in trying to control or contain water.  Where I grew up there are more than a thousand miles of dykes – which don’t always hold back the water.  Divine Love cannot be controlled.  Many waters cannot quench the Love our Lord has for each of us.  Nor can death.

And a quote from Benedict XVI – Joseph Ratzinger – when he ponders that the world ….”is not the meaningless plaything of voracious death.  It provides a place for exiled love, because through the mortal wounds of Jesus Christ, God has entered this world.”

egret at sunset

Egret at sunset by Mark Hollis