Rosa Mystica


Recently we had beautiful yellow roses on the Altar to celebrate a Sister’s Golden Jubilee.  Outside the rose season is here.  Alas the deer ate most of our roses.  Perhaps they taste as good as the look!  Having never tried one, I don’t know.

Do you know this devotion to the Rosa Mystica?  Our Blessed Mother has visited us under many “titles” – and this one is rather new to me.  How lovely to begin a new devotion in the month of June – and on 13 June at that.

Our age is so harsh.  Every day we read of more blood shed and violence.  We need our Mystic Rose – in fact the 3 Roses: PRAYER, SACRIFICE and PENANCE.  Let us join our prayers to hers to build a better world washed clean in the Precious Blood of the LAMB.