Yes, we are socked in with rain.  We needed it, of course.  The frogs are happy.  The cat thinks I should sit in an armchair so he can sleep in my lap…..Well…..He sits by the door – hoping.  Cats and frogs…..little things.  What do they matter?

Being fond of small things, it was a comfort to read Papa Benedict XVI writing that: “The theology of littleness is a basic category of Christianity.  After all, the tenor of our faith is that God’s distinctive greatness is revealed precisely in powerlessness.  That i the long run, the strength of history is precisely in those who love…..a strength that….cannot be measured according to categories of power.”  [Salt of the Earth]

Today we celebrate St Therese of Lisieux,who teaches us about the ‘little way’, and tomorrow, Holy Guardian Angels.  Both could be considered “little” – easy to ignore and hardly creatures of power.  Well, yes, we think of angels as powerful and they are.  But our angel guardian is probably most ignored – yet most valuable to us!  May the power of this great Saint and of our Angel be with us always and may we be “little” enough to notice it!


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