This is Monday – in what the Church calls “Ordinary Time.”  Is time ever ordinary?  Sometimes it feels that way, yet every day is a miracle, isn’t it?  There is no saint appointed for this day, so it is an N.I.P. day……as a priest friend of ours says.  That means “no one in particular.”  So we had green Mass vestments this morning; however the celebrant reminded us that yesterday, Sunday, was also the feast of Blessed John Henry Newman – definitely not a ‘no one in particular’ sort of person!

I have been reading an excellent small book, a paperback, titled The Rule of Our Warfare, ‘John Henry Newman and the True Christian Life‘ by John Hulsman 2003 published by Scepter of NY.  This reader consists of excerpts from Newman’s sermons – which make rich and generally inspiring reading to help one become more rooted in the Faith.

Perhaps in another blog I will quote more from Blessed Newman, but here is the main quote from which this book’s title is drawn:

“Such is the rule of our warfare.  We advance by yielding; we rise by falling;  we conquer by suffering; we persuade by silence; we become rich by bountifulness; we inherit the earth through meekness; we gain comfort through mourning; we earn glory by penitence and prayer.  Heaven and earth shall sooner fall than this rule be reversed; it is the law of Christ’s kingdom, and nothing can reverse it but sin.”


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