That is Nicky the Cat’s idea.  Sharpen those claws because spring (aka lent) is coming.  The old meaning of the word “lent” was “spring.”  With the ending of winter lots of things need to be done.  Like sharpening those claws!  The cat is not all wrong really.  He sheds his winter coat and gets ready to enjoy Spring.  He knows that his athletic skills need to be honed if his hunt is to be profitable.  As Christians we need a season to sharpen our soul’s skills, as it were.  A time to sharpen our longing and hunt for God – for the Eternal Love we sense is there waiting for us to respond.  It is less about ‘giving up’ and more about ‘getting on’ and remembering that we are athletes in spirit and must get tough on ourselves – to be ready for the Spring of Life.

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