It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over

The 2017 Baltimore Orioles are …. well, not good.  They started off great and as soon as fans began to dream of the World Series in Baltimore, the road got bumpy.  And bumpier.

But wait.

They have just finished the first half of the season and still half of 162 games are left to play.  Let’s see what happens at the end.  Maybe better than expected, maybe not.

The reality is any team, any player, goes through rough patches.  You may be saying, “Look what Zach Britton accomplished last year”!  He was so good for the whole season – 47 saves out of 47 opportunities and his ERA a minuscule 0.54!  Then look what happened this year.  He injured himself and could hardly even play during the first half of the 2017 season.  There; up and down.

But a down period can be a springboard for a plateau that one has never reached before.  Our realization that we are in a pit can prompt our effort to get back up and gives us the opportunity to reach a plane higher than ever before.

Doesn’t this apply to our life in spirit also?

Sometimes we go through a dry well experience in prayer.  Everything seems blah and lifeless.  We feel like we are in an endless stretch of desert land.  But, enter St. John of the Cross, when we are stuck in the dry well, we are receiving an invitation from God to scale a high summit we have not seen.

So we go up and down, sometimes desperately calling out: “Lord, you’ve got to help me outahere!”  And surely our Holy Mother will help with her prayers.

At the end of the baseball season there will be a World Series champion team who will be adorned with a trophy.  Jesus doesn’t settle with just one trophy:  He gives an imperishable crown of glorious life to everyone who perseveres in the Christian race.

In the meantime, you’d better win some more games, Orioles!

orioles 2017 001


3 thoughts on “It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over

  1. I love this!! Made me laugh and think. I have definitely been wading in the low tide in the wake of The Keepers..having graduated from Archbishop faith has been shaken. I appreciate your thoughts and encouragement..and yes…GO O’S!!

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