While joy is never out of season, even in Lent, it can seem at least ‘high risk’ these days.  Fear seems to be the most infectious disease around.  Covid-19 or The Virus seems the engine that drives our lives, even our Churches and other places of worship.  It is becoming obsessive.  Don’t you agree?

That said, we must never lose focus on the good or the ‘blessing’ hidden in all of life.  In life itself!  Accepting LIFE as a gift or a blessing is what transforms our daily slog.  To see the hidden wholeness in life is transformative.  There is a Jewish tradition of prayer that says we should give thanks for at least 100 things each day – a minimum number, that.  This takes the form of a prayer of blessing, a barakah.  “Blessed be Thou Lord of the Universe….” that I was able to get out of bed this morning… that I am healthy, or I am ill, but You LORD are with me in this.”  Nothing is too small to evoke an expression of gratitude or a barakah prayer.  The prayer ought to be EXPRESSED too, not just a vague thought.  Of course, an Orthodox Jew probably has a written prayer for almost any occasion – but as Gentiles, we could be forgiven for composing our own little humble versions.  Now – as for the “100” – it is obvious that if we aim only at that minimum, we will be spending a LOT of time offering barakah/blessings!!  I am working on it.  It’s harder than you think!  It could become INFECTIOUS.

3 thoughts on “INFECTIOUS

  1. Blessed be our God, king of the universe, king of my soul, for providing us with beloved ones like the All saints sisters of the poor! May they be blessed and protected.
    Love this reflection on expressing gratitude to God by saying blessings, …100 is a challenge to be sure but something to strive for….I think the tradition of doing this increases a sense of awe of God and gratitude in the heart and is a beautiful tradition of our jewish Elder brothers and sisters, thank you for the blog. Love you all and miss you so much.

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